Mills High School

Special Education

Special Education Programs


There are four programs in the Special Education Department at Mills High School: Specialized Academic Instruction, Applied Academic Instruction, the HOPE program and the San Mateo County Orthopedically Impaired Program. Our philosophy is that the greatest learning occurs in the general education setting utilizing individualized accommodations, therefore great effort is made to ensure that all special education students are placed in the least restricted environment.


Students in the Specialized Academic Instruction Program are predominantly placed in the mainstream courses, but may take English or Math in a smaller classroom setting. All students in the Specialized Academic Instruction Program receive a period of Directed Studies, which is a support class to help them access the mainstream curriculum. This year, Mills High School has implemented co-taught classes that include one general education teacher and one special education teacher to allow for further support.   


Students in the Applied Academic Instruction and County Orthopedically Impaired Program take all of their academic classes in a self-contained setting; however, they may be mainstreamed for electives. These students work towards a Certificate of Completion in lieu of a diploma.


The HOPE program is designed for students to integrate into the mainstream setting with special supports and services in place to ensure success.


If you have questions regarding any of our programs, please contact the co-department chairs listed below.


Mills High School Special Education Department Contact Information:


Amanda Butler
Co-Department Chairperson
Social Studies Co-Teacher


Kevin Goyer

Co-Department Chairperson

HOPE Program Teacher


Mariela DeSantiago

HOPE Program Teacher


Erik Anderson

Chemistry Co-Teacher

S.A.I. Algebra 1.5, 2


Madeline Crisafi

English I & II Co-Teacher
S.A.I. English


Kip Scialanga
Algebra and Geometry Co-Teacher       


Yvette Gonzalez         

A.A.I. Teacher


David Batman

A.A.I. Teacher