Mills High School

Juniors Summer To Do List


This list is meant to be a comprehensive checklist for students planning to apply to four year colleges and universities in the Fall of their senior year.


1. Register for the SAT, SAT Subject Tests and/or ACT. At least one SAT or ACT is required and at least two SAT subject Tests are required for UCs.

a. Once you receive your results, decide if you need to register for additional tests in the fall.

b. If you need to raise your score, use the FREE ACT/SAT Test Preparation software through Naviance to practice. Once you log-in, click on the Colleges tab and then on the bottom left select “Test Preparation.”


2. Consider and research colleges.

a. Mills Counseling suggests no more than six to ten colleges (counting all UC campuses as one and all CSU campuses as one). Carefully select a wide range of schools from “reach” school to “safety” schools to give yourself many options to choose from. Limiting the number of applications will allow students to do their very best work on each application. Your list should be finalized by November 5th.

b. Use the scattergrams within Naviance to see if you are a competitive applicant for the schools you have selected. If you are not familiar with this feature in Naviance, see your counselor.

c. Request literature to be sent to you from each campus.

d. Explore the web site. Check out possible majors and get a feel for campus life.

e. Once you have a comprehensive list, plan to visit colleges over the summer and in the fall.


3. Begin your personal statements and essays. The UCs and Common Application have announced that they will use the same essay questions as last year. Start working on these over the summer.


4. If you are planning to play college sports, register with the NCAA Clearinghouse.


5. Complete the Senior Survey through Naviance. This will be available to you on July 1st. Take your time and answer the questions with as much information as possible. This information will be used by teachers and counselors to write your letters of recommendation.

a. If you will be applying to private schools you will need one to two letters of recommendation through Naviance. UCs and CSUs do not require letters of recommendations. Please read each individual school’s application guidelines and plan accordingly. These requests for letters of recommendation need to be made in the fall semester no later than November 5th.

b. Schools using the Common Application also require a Secondary School Report (SSR). This will be completed by your counselor. A request through Naviance for the SSR needs to be received no later than November 5th. UCs and CSUs do not require SSRs.

c. If you are applying to schools with an earlier deadline, you will need to request the above information 30 business days before the due date.


6. Please complete the Resume section of Naviance. This will be a great tool to help with your applications and to distribute to people you may request a letter of recommendation from.