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AP Computer Science

Mills Robotics Places #3 Calgames Robotics Competition at Fremont High

Mills Robotics Places #3 Calgames Robotics Competition

Engineering as an Inspiration for Our Young People


STEAM @ Mills

What is STEAM?

STEAM is a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math in both course offerings, in the general education curriculum, and through extra-curricular activities. 


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Some of the following courses offered at Mills High School are STEAM-focused:

  • Architectural Design I & II
  • Art of Video
  • Biotechnology
  • Art & Multimedia
  • Engineering Technology
  • Principles of Computer Science
  • Advanced Placement Computer Science
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Calculus AB and BC
  • AP Biology
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP Physics
  • Art, Ceramics
  • Advanced Art, AP Studio Art

Extra-Curricular Clubs and Activities with a STEAM focus:

  • Robotics- The Mills Robotics Team 253 was established in 1999. It has been competing for fifteen years, earning numerous awards such as the 2000 Judge’s Award at the NASA Ames Regional and the 2002 Imagery Award at the Silicon Valley Regional. Every year, we attend a regional competition in the spring and an off-season competition in the fall. This teaching fosters a cooperative learning environment that encourages and helps students acquire a wide variety of technical skill useful for STEM careers. Meetings on Wednesdays 3:30-5:30 in the Makerspace.  Check out the Robotics Team Homepage here.
  • STEM Club- The STEM club works in the Makerspace and explores careers in STEM-related fields.  Last year, the club took various fieldtrips such as to Autodesk to experience STEM careers.  
  • Biologees-  The Biologees Club takes biology out of the classroom and puts it in a “field-trip-like” perspective. We hold dissections, clean ups, and visits to local museums and other relevant places. Oh, and we take selfies. Meet Fridays at lunch in room 243
  • APP IT OUT - Our club was started this year with the goal of teaching students of all grades basic coding. We believe all students have the potential to code and make programming useful for themselves and others. Meet Thursdays at lunch in room 308
  • Arts & Crafts Club - The purpose of this club is to gather students who are interested in making handmade crafts, improving their creativity by doing activities such as drawing, puppet-making, cooking, and painting. Meetings are held every Tuesday during lunch in room 217.

Key Facts about Student Preparedness for STEM Careers


TEALS Partnership at Mills High School

TEALS Partnership with Mills High School



TEALS pairs computer science professionals from across the industry with classroom educators to team-teach CS in high schools throughout the U.S. Started in 2009 by Microsoft employee Kevin Wang, who developed and ran the program in his spare time, TEALS was embraced by Microsoft in 2011 and has been supported by the company ever since as part of its global YouthSpark initiative, which aims to increase access to CS education for all youth around the world.


TEALS helps high schools teach computer science by providing trained volunteers – industry professionals in CS – to partner with a classroom teacher and work as a team to deliver CS education to students who would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn CS in their school.


Over two years, the classroom teacher gradually takes over the responsibilities of teaching the course without volunteer support. The team-teaching and volunteer system of TEALS creates a strong ripple effect: it empowers teachers who can multiply the impact by providing computer science education to hundreds more students over the years.


This school year, Ms. Denise Dryer (AP Computer Science) is working with two computer science professionals in the classroom: Steve Lamont and David deHeer who provide support as lab TAs, working 1-on-1 with students and assisting the teacher with class preparation and grading, but not taking responsibility for planning and delivering lessons.


Volunteer Bios:


Steven Lamont is a volunteer teacher, part of the TEALS program. He has a B.Sc. in computer science and an MBA degree. In his career he has done mostly marketing and strategy work for high tech businesses, especially in mobile and communications industries. For the past ten years he has been an entrepreneur, angel investor, and start-up adviser. He is diving back into programming as his "first love". He lives in Burlingame with his wife and four children ranging from college junior to 1st grade. 


Physics In Action @ MHS Makerspace

Physics In Action @ MHS Makerspace



Architectural Design

Architectural Design

Computer Science

Computer Science