Mills High School


International Relations

Grade Level:  12     

International Relations is a year-long course. The fall semester delves into the different institutions and political groups that help influence and create U.S. foreign policy.  The application of these groups and institutions is reflected in managing foreign aid and the U.S. military action around the world.  The spring semester focuses on regions of the world and their issues as related to the United States by applying analysis writing, oral presentations, and seminar participation.

This course meets the UC/CSU “g” elective requirement.


Law and Society

Grade Level:  12

Must be taken with Psychology

This one semester course designed to give students a practical understanding of the law and the structure, function, and actual operation of the American legal system.  Law and Society is based on participation and debate, which culminates in a full mock trial by the end of the course.  Students will learn how a case goes through the court system and as an introduction to law, will learn the basic duties of attorneys and judges and covers criminal as well a civil law.

This course meets the UC/CSU “g” elective requirement.  

get psyched!


Grade Level:  12

Must be taken with Law & Society

This one semester course provides students with an introductory knowledge of the behavioral science of psychology exploring: why people act and think the way they do, the effects of heredity and environment on behavior, analysis of family and peer relationships, how to influence and control others, the science of emotions like fear, love, and depression, the causes and effects of mental illness, and treatment and therapy methods. 

This class meets the UC/CSU “g” elective requirement



Grade Level: 10-12

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor

Leadership is a course designed to examine the qualities it takes to be a leader and how to refine these qualities.  Students develop skills through cooperative interaction with their peers, teachers, staff and administration as well as community members and leaders.  Students are divided into committees in order to successfully execute school-wide events throughout the year and plan and implement various activities, dances, rallies, fund-raisers and community service projects.  Associated Student Body officers and all Student Council Presidents (of the sophomore, junior and senior classes) are required to enroll in the course and other class officers are encouraged to apply.  Students must apply and interview for the course in the spring semester. 


Guided Studies

Grade Level:  9-11

Prerequisite:  Placement by counselor recommendation only.

Guided Studies is a course that will help students build a strong academic identity and foster social responsibility in the high school setting. In addition to tutorial time that will provide students with assistance for their studies in other curricular areas, Guided Studies will focus on study skills, organizational strategies, critical thinking, team building, leadership training, and character development. Guided Studies teachers and counselors meet one-on-one with students to discuss academic progress, set goals, and address individual student needs. The Guided Studies teachers’ role is to further assist students with a variety of challenges that may include time management, personal organization, social awareness, peer and personal relationships, communication skills, stress management, and any other hindrances to academic and personal success.






School/Community Service

Grade Level:  11-12

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor and counselor.

School Community Service is a one-semester/year elective course designed to provide students the opportunity to be a tutor support classes.  Students will assist the teacher in providing academic and organization skills to other students.  Tutors may receive training in effective tutoring strategies.  This course gives students the opportunity to assume responsibility, demonstrate personal integrity, and provide a service to the school community.


Teachers’ Aide

Grade Level: 11-12

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor and approval of counselor.

This is a one-semester course designed to give the student clerical educational opportunities in either various office placements on campus or with teachers.  Students interview for the job station and commit themselves to the position for the semester.  If the student is accepted by the staff member/teacher, he/she is assigned specific duties.  The student is evaluated by the staff member.  Grade and credit are assigned by the teacher or the coordinator of the school/service program.  The work station gives the student the opportunity to assume some responsibility, to demonstrate personal integrity, and to utilize clerical skills, which would generally not be taught in the classroom.  For more information please see Counseling Staff Assistant. Pass/Fail grade only.



Mills along with the other schools in the San Mateo Union High School District, has a Gifted and Talented Education Program, GATE.  The program provides enrichment activities for those students who are identified as possessing, demonstrating or having potential abilities.  (i.e. participated in GATE in either elementary or middle school and/or identified at Mills High School as meeting GATE criteria.)  Programs at Mills include AP, Honors classes, and Advanced Standing classes.  Special activities include: college application advising, SAT prep classes, special programs presented by teachers with special interests, visits to museums and operas, attending lectures, visits to universities, summer classes, and GATE events organized by the GATE School Site Coordinator and the GATE Parents Group.